What is a log house ?

A log house, or log building, is a structure built with horizontal logs interlocked at the corners by notching. Logs may be round, squared or hewn to other shapes, either handcrafted or milled.Once fabricated and assembled, the shell of the log house may be disassembled and the parts shipped to the building site. This allows for centralised manufacturing of the house, and relatively quick construction on site. Full-scribe-fit handcrafted log construction is a method of precisely marking where to cut each individual wall log to provide a tight fit between naturally-shaped logs along their entire length and in the corners. A high degree of craftsmanship is required for success in this method, and the resulting tight fit of naturally-shaped logs have aesthetic appeal.

Log houses which settle require slip joints over all window and door openings, adjustable jacks under vertical elements (such as columns and staircases) which must periodically be adjusted as the building settles, allowances in plumbing, wiring, and ducting runs, and fasteners for the walls themselves to prevent uplift.

Wooden logs
Chiseled wooden logs

Construction methods

  •  Scandinavian Full-Scribe (also known as the “chinless method”) is naturally-shaped, smoothly-peeled logs which are scribed and custom-fitted to one another. They are notched where they overlap at the corners, and there are  several ways to notch the logs.
  • In the flat-on-flat method, logs are flattened on the top and bottom and then stacked (usually with butt-and-pass corners).
    Milled log houses are constructed with a tongue-and-groove system which helps align one log to another and creates a system to seal out the elements.
  • With the tight-pinned butt and pass method, the logs are not notched or milled in any way. They are in a single course and do not overlap; vertical pairs of logs are fastened with tight, load-bearing steel pins.
log cabin

Unique features

log cabin
  • Look nothing looks quite like a modern or traditional log house.

  • Light utilised with the utmost care and expertise.

  • Acoustics pleasant living.

  • High indoor air quality and pleasant scent natural and nurturing.

  • Atmosphere relaxed and calming .

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