'a' frame design

The A-frame house is a simple option to create a beautiful eco-friendly wooden house.This design is generally recommended for farm houses, vacation homes, mountain homes and resorts. It is a modern architectural piece that is triangular in shape and famously functional design.It’s features include steep roof pitch, large windows, vaulted ceiling, an open concept floor plan on the main level and a second floor loft space  generally used as a sleeping loft or storage area.

‘A’ frame home design gives you a secure structure with least amount of materials and an affordable home with an attractive design. ‘A’ frame house plan gives you a cozy, close to nature vibes which refreshes your mind.


A frame home design
wooden home design
wooden house design
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The entire structure is made of light pine wood from Finland. The entire structure is designed in special software to give the outlook of the the wooden home, which results in higher accuracy in production.

Structural Wrapping

The entire wooden structure is then wrapped with OSB (Oriented Stranded Boards), which is imported from Europe. These boards are lightweight but very strong, water & termite resistant.


The Walls and Roof are well insulated with Rock Wool of thickness 50 mm and density of 48kg/m^3, which gives the structure protection from Heat, Cold and sound provide you peaceful home.

waterproofing membranes

Waterproof is very important when building a wooden house. We use the best quality pine woods which is resistant to water and do not get damaged during the monsoon season.The entire external surface of the cottage is covered with water proofing membranes.

Internal walls & ceiling

All the internal walls are plain painted as per clients choice of color & ceilings are cladded with pine panels, which are coated with special oils for longer durability and provide better shielding various effects. Option for pine wood cladding on walls also available at extra cost.

External walls & roof

The External walls are cladded with Natural Pine Wood or fiber board depending on the design of the cottage. The roof is also cladded with pine wood, which can last up to 25 years in outdoor weathers or Asphalt shingles as per clients choice of color.

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