Log house design

Are you looking to build or redesign your log home? We have produced some of the best wooden houses designs and manufactured log homes in India.Log homes are most commonly built everywhere these days. We offer elegant designs for small wooden houses to modular and luxurious cottages.It is mainly built as vacation or holiday homes, farm houses, etc. We create unique wooden cottages designs, farm house designs, tree house designs, which will give a proper blueprint to your log home. 

log house 1bhk design

wood house design in india
log house design
wood house design
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The appearance and also the structural solution of our log homes are individual, based on our customer wishes.We use the best quality pine wood exported from Europe.


The Walls and Roof are well insulated with Glass Wool of thickness 25 mm and density of 16 kg/m^3, which gives the structure protection from Heat, Cold and Sound provide you peaceful home.

waterproofing membranes

Waterproof is very important when building a wooden house. We use the best quality pine woods which is resistant to water and do not get damaged during the monsoon season.The entire external surface of the cottage is covered with water proofing membranes.

Internal walls & ceiling

All internal walls have 12-18 mm pine cladding.The internal walls & ceiling are polished with best quality lubricants available which give them a shiny look.

External walls & roof

The External walls are cladded with Natural Pine Wood or fiber board of 40-135 mm. The roof is also cladded with pine wood, which can last up to 25 years in outdoor weathers or Asphalt shingles as per clients choice of color.

Internal & external flooring

The internal flooring provided is the laminate flooring which width is 8 mm. The external flooring is done hard pine wood which width is about 28 mm.

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